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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the chakra therapy?

The chakra therapy is a holistic system for the treatment of energetic, mental, and psychical illnesses. It’s can be used as part of other holistic, alternative and traditional treatment methods. The chakra drops need to be given in pairs. The chakras are always in polarization with each other.

• The pair of the Root Chakra (1) is the Crown Chakra (7).
• The pair of the Sacral Chakra (2) is the Forehead Chakra (6).
• The pair of the Distributive Chakra (3) is the Throat Chakra (5).
• The Heart Chakra is standing alone, because it is the centre which combines the consciousness with the sub consciousness.

If you chose the Root Chakra, then you will get the resonance of the Crown Chakra too. This is needed for the balance, to have a control over the changes of the Root Chakra.

How long does the therapy take?

The time of the therapy cannot definable. Generally it can be long as 2-3 months. The time of the therapy depends on the type of the problem, or illness. The patient generally can feel that, when He or She has reached that certain point where there is no problem or no signs of the sickness exist anymore. To be sure about this, it can help a lot, if the patient checks the described sings of the symptoms.

How do I use it? How should I take it?

It is not required to take it. It is not recommended for young children, or for alcoholic people. It is not recommended for the last mentioned, because it contains alcohol. You need to take one – one drop from these three numbered bottles, in the order of the numbers (1. The selected chakra 2, The pair of the selected chakra 3, The selected region of the symptom.). Our energy system having the required information from this. Contains it for 24 hour. It’s does not matter which time of the day the patient takes it. The other option is to keep it under the pillow at night, (in line with taking the drops) so the resonance of the drops is still close to our Aura whole night. The patient even can keep it with Him or Herself.

What happens if I miss a day?

The question is, do you want to get better? Don’t miss a drop, but if you do accidentally, you don’t need to take that one what you missed. Just continue it. It does not matter if you drink the whole bottle at ones, or you do it drop by drop, as a normal therapy. The resonance and the information does the effect, not the quantity. The small amount from the drops, take the same effect as the large amount. However if you miss out a whole week, the you need to start the therapy again.

Does sometimes the symptoms get stronger?

It is possible, like in the case of Homeopathy. If someone have strong mental signs, and these are getting stronger from the Chakra Drops, that is a sign of changing. In our case, it is recommended to take the drops before sleep, so these effects will happen in our dream. If the patient is not conscious, the effects will still take place. It’s a common belief and scientifically proved, the regeneration of the body and mind is a lot faster when we are sleeping.