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Order your personal Chakra Drop here! 

You can have the chakra energizing resonance, the Chakra Drop, at the first time on the world from Hungary.

The order contains 3 bottles: 

1.       The perfect resonance of your chosen chakra. 

2.       The complementary pair of this chakra.
(More about this in the Frequently Asked Questions menu) 

3.       And also includes an influential resonance for the current symptom.

 If you are unsure about your resonance for the symptom, then don’t hesitate to write to us about your oldest problem, or about the current symptom.

It is important to fill out every pane about the personal details!

Every single Chakra Drop is customized. It’s takes the right effect only for the customer who making the order. Please it is important to not to swap the Chakra Drop bottles, even if the same description written on it!

 The time of the treatment is 3 months.


 You can choose your order with bottle type:

  • 99$ USD / 85 EUR

(Our prices include the posting fees!) 





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