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The Root Chakra

The characteristics of the root chakra type:

The root chakra is the bottom line of the human body and all primary aspects are realizing here. Suitable to start the therapy from here, if intellectual and physical development problems shape form in our early childhood (0-7).It is Mentally important the well development of the feelings, feeling safe and secure, the feeling of stability. If there is someone who had a hard childhood with a lots of distress and phobia, than it will come back later in life. In this stage of life the human body developing the tissues, soft tissues, organs and the muscles.


The negative mental signs of the Root Chakra Type:

  • Fear and worrying without special reason
  • The feeling of nervousness, fear and instability
  • The increased mental activity ”brainstorming”. When the individual want to be well prepared for every situations. Don’t want to be surprised, that is the reason why planning for the outcome of the situations or events.
  • The overdo of correspondence for the work environment and for the friends. To be afraid of someone think bad, or don’t like the person.
  • Don’t like to talk, chat and don’t like to listen other people too.
  • Don’t finishes the sentence, or the thought, but the next one is on the way. Switches the words and thoughts too quickly.
  • Don’t want to try new things, and also afraid to try the new things.



The fear what set in the Root Chakra, in most cases can bring the same fear into another Chakra. For example: fear of the sexual freedom, fear of the decision making, fear of the relationships what are based on emotions, from the communication and fear from the confront with the own subconscious.

Fizikai tunetek-Physical signs:

  • Bad digestion, constipation, problems with the releasing.
  • The opposite sign can be the diarrhoea, escape, and escape from the new things.
  • Overweight
  • Sleeping problems
  • Throat or lung problems

Hormonally affected glandules.