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The Chakra drop

The Chakra drop is a unique product around the world. It’s function is similar to the homeopathy. The fluid what you can see in the tiny bottle, is the carrier fluid. The real effect is the resonance, the frequency in this fluid.


The resonances and the radiation are taking effect on our body. Electronic devices, mobile phones, Earth radiation, Sun radiation, WIFI and etc...etc... Scientists are using different frequency with the bio-resonance experiments and treatments. This is not a matter of believe, these are facts. If we are carrying a small radioactive device in our pocket( like mobile phone) , the result can be deathly.  If we have a personally customized chakra drops in our home, the result can be a well balanced and restored health.


Only one drop a day can give enough information for the brain, to fix all those problems what we have. Our immune system is the real shield, what can eliminate the sickness at the beginning. The main purpose of the chakra drop is to alert the brain and our immune system about those treats (virus, disharmony, etc...) what cannot be recognised in the early state. A whole treatment is about 2-3 months.


Every sickness is a learning course. People choose it individually. But of course who want to get a cancer, or any illness? Nobody. Our lifestyle have an impact on our health. The way how we live, the stressed and fast lifestyle, the worrying are all leading to illness. We know that we need to change something, but we can’t, or we don’t have the power to change it, or we afraid to change it. We even have those type of deep-deep problems, what excellent psychologists cannot even change.


The chakra drops can start a change inside so deep that no treatment was able to reach there so far. We can say that these little drops are re-writing our energetic DNS. The positive changes in our energetic body the Aura and the chakras, are healing all mental and physical problems and illnesses what we have. If there is harmony inside, then there is outside as well. Fit soul in the fit body.


Our recent problems can lead back to our childhood, or we cannot even remember where did we get them. When we see the symptoms, we can also see which life period the problem came from.


One example for the better understanding:


Someone 25 years old and have a complex, and full of fear. The person doesn’t have a healthy self confidence, and have problems with the sexual life too, above all worrying time to time even when there is no need for worry. The fear and doubtfulness, uncertainness programmed into the root chakra. These disharmonies are grooving until we reach age of 7. Right after that a new period starting with the sexual chakra from age of 7-14. The fear goes from the root chakra to the sexual chakra, and creating negative impact on that as well. If we can delete this fear programme from the root chakra, than it is going to disappear from all of the chakras, and even from the person. The person will feel free, and the total regeneration will start after that.