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The Distributive Chakra


This Chakra is the energy balance chakra of the human body. This chakra is carrying consciousness pieces from the Root and Sacral Chakra. We are able to achieve a higher level of consciousness with the development of this centre. The idea of will, or will power appear here as a chance, to not to be only controlled by our pretence and emotions, but to choose, and gain control about what we want to achieve. The default of this can end up with catastrophic consequences. This means that, we are able to disharmonize our body with our low level inner taught, and that can lead to many different type of illnesses and to body function problems.


The negative mental signs of the Distributive Chakra:


  • The type of person who cannot get himself/herself together.
  • The exaggerated pretence of harmony.
  • Knows how to do something, but for some reason doesn’t do it.
  • Making decisions, but doesn’t step forward, delaying with it, from day to day.
  • He/ She Doesn’t step on the field of actions.
  • If this type of person doesn’t achieve, perform, this is because “something came up”.
  • He/ She doesn’t sleep when sleepy because lazy to go to bed, or if this person is fresh doesn’t do out, rather stay at home and watch TV.
  • Cannot sort out His/ Her life.
  • The obduracy and toughness make Him/ Her so - so dumb, for the reason of this cannot move forward in life, not with an inch.
  • The motivation of life cannot help Him/ Her, the desire to have a better life with full of harmony has to come from the inside.


Physical negative signs (this chakra act upon the whole body):

  • Slow digestion.
  • Stiff muscles
  • Stiff in the womb
  • Chronic inflames
  • Lymph swelling and tumour
  • Tumour
  • Stiffness especially in case of high body temperature
  • Parkinson
  • Mental origin eczema
  • Problems with the hot and cold balance
  • Gastritis
  • White fingers
  • Pain in the Plexus Solaris
  • Peristaltic movement problems, especially in the throat and also in bowels.
  • Nerve asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Heartbeat and pulse problems
  • The feeling of choking, drowning in the throat
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Other Heart and blood circulating system problems