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The Forehead Chakra

The characteristics of the Forehead Chakra type:


This chakra is the mental centre of the body. The Forehead Chakra organizing our thoughts, and we also can find our intuitive skills, as part of this region.  He brain is incomprehensible machinery. It can see through the context of everything. It is designed to think on every way, regardless that is simple or complex, abstract or logical, and creative. The primary rule of the brain, is to discover some plans with we can find solutions to our basic instincts, like eating, drinking, sleeping. The primary rule can include some other ones too, where’s higher level of consciousness, is needed, like: acknowledgement, love, evolution...etc. There are many different critical rules of the brain. The part of this is that skill for example, when we can balance out uncomfortable situations. To do this, we need to be able to access quickly to our inner resources, like memories, pictures, visions, voices, sentences, to defend ourselves against any bad situation. This mental process is exactly the same as the main rule of our immune system.


I would like to illustrate this with an example, for better understanding: Someone get accused, and this person take it as an attack. This person feels threatened, and started to get afraid. The body starts a hormonal reaction in the kidneys. The result is a higher level of adrenalin. Our character will be able to transform his self defence to a opinion what he can use for attack. The physical body will restore the normal level of adrenalin after the hormonal balance will be restored again. If there is no chance of self defence, or compensate the situation, than this experience will take effect on the sub consciousness. That can lead to further disharmony and to possibly sickness.


The negative mental and physical characteristics of the Forehead Chakra type:

  • Not able to solve His/ Her own problems and tasks.
  • Let other people to think instead of Him/ Her.
  • Use other people solutions without transforming that to His/ Her way.
  • The conformity is totally missing. These type of people most of the time use, old solutions to solve brand new problems. These solutions are not working anymore.
  • The mental balance, what gives the power to the person to solve life problems is missing. This gives a feeling of the incapability.
  • Cannot see through His/ Her situation, and finally not able to a find way out it. His/ Her life easily can become a nightmare.
  • This person most of the time realize it later what supposed to be done.
  • They don’t have a problem solving thinking. Not constructive.
  • They are not able to solve any reproach.
  • Because the inner visual fantasy world is missing, they cannot reach for impulses, nether urge.
  • Poor intuitive skills.
  • This person is defenceless, and many times find himself/ herself in the situation of a victim. Unfortunately other people can take advantage on it.


There is another type of Forehead Chakra type exist, who is exactly the opposite of the mentioned above:

  • This person is the best, the master of everything on the world.
  • Doesn’t really solve His/ Her problems, or change the way of thinking, but He/ She does take action without any confirmation.
  • He/ She is totally lost the reality, cannot connect with it anymore. The result of this is, this person is defenceless and helpless like the other type.
  • The only positivism in this type is the, richness of the fantasy.
  • He/ She can be incredible intelligent and unbeatable.  That’s gives Him/ Her a great buzz.


Unfortunately doesn’t matter which type we looking at, because neither of them can solve their problems in life, and that is leading again to the psychosomatic pressures.


Psychical symptoms:


We are able to treat every sickness with the Forehead Chakra Therapy what is originating from the weaknesses of the immune system. The sicknesses, diseases originated from this chakra are equal to the diseases listed from the Distributive Chakra, because the problem is the same in the immune system.