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The Heart Chakra

The characteristic of the Heart Chakra type:


This is the Chakra what makes human to be human. Our greatest ability resides here, the ability to pick up the impulses of our environment and translate it to a human emotions, experience it, and integrate it as a human emotion. The ability to feel love and sympathy to our fellow human beings, unselfish caring, public spirit, the feel of justice, the ability for empathy, balance, harmony, wish, sadness, happiness, and happiness to live, believe, loneliness are all part of the Heart Chakra. The conscious and the sub consciousness mechanisms are meeting here. Meeting with a negative outcome, can cause frustrations in people, what they cannot easily forget, and this trauma can also lead to various type of heart diseases. Enough to think only about people with cardiac attacks, bad pulse, asthma...etc, just because the low level lifestyle.


There are two different types of Heart Chakra mental symptoms:

The first one is mentally dominating: This person

  • Doesn’t care about other people expectations and emotions.
  • Typically egoist, only act from a reason, to fulfil His/ Her own expectations and understanding.
  • Doesn’t see the world from the heart; rather see the world with the brain and cold logic.
  • Speak only the language of logic, and all what is count, to be effective.
  • The emotions are to burden, and the emotions are always big obstacles against the clear rational thinking.
  • They don’t let the natural flow of life to enrich them, but they only sense the touch of their own imaginary world.
  • The music, naturalism, art, colours and love doesn’t count as an important thing in their life.
  • It can happen sometimes, they have everything, a nice car, a wonderful house, a perfect life, and a dream job, but after all they cannot find any happiness in life.

The second one is the emotionally dominant, who is the opposite of the mentioned above:

  • They are too emotional.


They have an exaggerated sympathy for the other people, for the animals, even for themselves, for the world etc... This is only negative thing, if this person can put His/ Her own emotions so-so deep into everything, than it’s suppose to be. This type of person can easily be lost, because His/ Her own centre is missing to keep up the balance.

  • Often feeling useless and hopeless.
  • The believe in the purpose of life is missing.


Physical signs( It is important to know all illness coming from the problems of the blood circulation system):

  • Heart diseases
  • Bronchitis
  • Circulation problems in the whole body
  • Calcareous veins
  • Hearing problems
  • Green or grey scale
  • Periodic problems
  • Sleeping problems
  • Breathing problems
  • Hormonally the thyroid gland belong to it.