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The Sexual Chakra

The characteristics of the sexual, or in other words the sacral chakra:


The sacral or the sexual chakra is coming straight from the root chakra in the way of development. The sexual chakra is the “product”, the result of the root chakra. It is so important to mention that, the masculine and feminine powers coming from this energy centre. We originate our desires, enjoyments, our sexual identity, spontaneity, happiness, childishness, from this chakra. Naturally of course the fact, we can connect the most important power with this chakra, the power to create a life.


The negative mental signs of the Sacral Chakra type:


  • The inferiority complex is typically in this category.
  • The way too big ideals, the expectations with ourselves.
  • The sense of guilt, the recurring or periodic bad conscience.
  • The disconcert, the shyness, the shamefacedness, crampedness, and even if someone inhibited.
  • To be responsible for everything, to do for everyone, the extreme caring while we don’t care about ourselves.
  • The aspiration for appreciation, or the opposite side, the self pity.
  • Blaming ourselves or blaming other people.
  • The looking down to other people, while we put ourselves to high.
  • To be accepted in the society, for example: buying big house, big car, new clothes every day.


Together with:

  • Loss of appetite, nausea, feeling of sick, feeling to vomit, anorexia, perversion, kleptomania, frustration and the persecution mania belong to here as well.



The negative physical signs of the sacral chakra:


  • Immune system problems and disorders
  • Mucous membrane, phlegm’s, moistures, lymph fluids, blood, connective tissue, and the weakening of the defence system of every cell.
  • Kidney disorders
  • Blood and mucous membrane diseases ( the throat, bronchia, windpipe, eyes, bladders and also in the bowel system.)
  • Connecting tissue disease
  • Arthritis
  • Eczema
  • Pimple
  • Hives, or in other words nettle rash
  • The Sacral Chakra hormonally in reaction with the adrenal glands, because this region is the origin of the salt and fluid equalization, and the sexual hormones.