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About csakra

What are the chakras?


The chakra is a Sanskrit word, meanin: wheel. This description coming from the ancient psychics, the clear visionaries,  who had the ability to see the aura and the chakras of the people without any support tools. The chakra is rotating, and this is why it’s looks like a wheel from energy. The chakra is like when we create a whirlpool with a wand in the bathtub. The water making the whirlpool, and it’s look like a vortex channel, also looks like a wheel. We can access to the cosmic energy through this vortex, or in other words chakra. The chakra is rotating clockwise, and collecting the energy from the environment, and it’s rotating anticlockwise when it’s giving out the energy. The law of the rotation is the same regardless we talking about human, or animals.

The chakra is connected to the actual body regions nerve system. It’s supplying the energy and information to all organs in our body, through our nerve system. If there is a disharmony it will affect our whole body, and our health. We have 7 main chakras, however they work separately, but connected to each other.


Only one disharmony can cause an impact on the whole body. Just think about if our body would be like a Swiss watch, a smallest problem can make the whole watch to be not precise. The real solution is to correct the root problem, to delete the cause.